Enrollment Requirements

Your child must be 2 years-9 months old and fully potty trained to enroll at Tater Tots. We also like to see your preschooler display a readiness for group experiences. We begin enrollment together with a tour of Tater Tots, preferably with you and your child, where you will both be able to explore our classrooms and meet the school’s director, head teachers and aides.

You can call us at the preschool office (707) 422-3414, or fill-out the form at the bottom of this page to schedule a tour. We offer tours by appointment only but make it pretty easy to schedule one.

During your tour you'll receive an enrollment application. You can take that home and return once you collect medical records and other information necessary to complete the application. Within one and a half weeks from your submission we will call you and let you know details about when we might have an opening.

That’s it!  Your preschooler is enrolled!


We love 'em all!

Please note that we do not discriminate against race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin. We offer our services to the Fairfield/Suisun/Vacaville/Travis community, and we hope to partner with families and benefit all children.