Preschool goals

  1. Prepare them for Kindergarten
  2. Helping, sharing and caring for others
  3. Help them develop positive self-esteem
  4. Develop social skills, as well as communication skills for solving problems peaceably
  5. Develop the ability to work and cooperate in small and large groups.  Understand and respect the property of others
  6. Increase their capacity to think, reason, question, and experiment
  7. Develop language and early literacy skills
  8. Build early writing skills.  This includes letter recognition, letter-sound matching, ideas of printing
  9. Build oral and listening skills
  10. Develop familiarity with numbers and mathematical reasoning skills
  11. Develop awareness and appreciation of art, music, poems and books. Experience the artistic process
  12. Increase participation in play, singing, creative experiences, rhythmic activities and dramatic play
  13. Develop large and small muscle coordination, and activities designed to foster good habits of health and safety.  This includes activities geared toward building strong muscles and coordination


The Tater Tots Preschool Program is built upon both teacher- and child-initiated activities that are developmentally appropriate and designed to meet the needs of the whole child: spiritually, physically, emotionally, socially, creatively and cognitively.



Central to our program are seven beliefs which shape our care of your Preschooler:

  1. Children’s self-esteem grows from learning that God loves them.
  2. They can be confident and unafraid, knowing God cares for them.
  3. They can feel safe knowing their family, teachers, and peers appreciate their feelings.
  4. They can feel important through celebration of their uniqueness and cultural diversity.
  5. They can feel appreciated in celebration of their experiences and successes.
  6. Our classrooms are structured around the belief that children learn best by having opportunities to explore, create, and discover.
  7. Family is the primary influence on the child’s growth and development.

The cooperative efforts of parent and staff working together as a team are essential. Tater Tots operates on a team philosophy in which we work with parents to maximize the potential of every child.



In addition to the beliefs which shape the care we give, we are guided by seven philosophies in educating your Preschooler.  Our goals in education are:

  1. To foster joy and love in the child’s heart for learning and school.
  2. To recognize play as our main device in teaching our children, because it is an essential part of growth and expression.
  3. To recognize each child as an individual and encourage cooperation and sharing.
  4. To encourage problem solving and patience through independent thinking.
  5. To encourage love and respect for all God’s creations.
  6. To encourage the self-esteem needed to grow in confidence and wisdom.
  7. To work in partnership with the child’s parents to promote the growth and development of the child.