Benefits of Our Core Knowledge Curriculum

Child, Parent, & Teacher unite around Coherent, Cumulative, and Content-Specific Curriculum


For Students

Our curriculum:

  • provides a broad base of knowledge, and
  • provides the rich vocabulary needed for reading achievement and academic success.



Our curriculum:

  • enhances accountability and parental engagement by providing a clear outline of what children are expected to learn in school, and
  • provides a common ground for communication—in school and in life.


For Our School

Our curriculum:

  • provides a plan for coherent, sequenced learning from grade to grade,
  • promotes teamwork and an institution-wide focus, and 
  • enables us to work more effectively while meeting and exceeding state standards.


In Our School District

Our curriculum:

  • decreases the learning gaps caused by student mobility,
  • provides a strong foundation of knowledge for success in high school and beyond,
  • creates a common focus to share information and expertise, and
  • encourages cooperation among schools to provide a quality learning experiences for all students.