American culture teaches us that Christmas is all about Santa, gifts, and stringing cranberries, but the true meaning is so much more meaningful and beautiful. 

Building a family with a solid faith base is so powerful and rewarding. Christmas is a season where we reflect on the birth of our King and you can do so by showing kindness and giving. Sounds easy enough, right? Try teaching these fundamentals to a fidgety 3-5 year old. 

When I was a kid I remember having a typical 'American' Christmas but the core was always centered around Jesus. We would often donate gifts, volunteer at food banks, or participate in our local church activities. Looking back, all of those things really helped me appreciate the season and the different meanings it holds. It wasn't all about the presents, cookies, or my own self centered wants. 

Here are a few ways that might be helpful...

Be animated
Who doesn't love story telling? Why not make the story of Jesus the best story they'll ever here? How cool is it that three wise men follow a huge start to find jesus! 

Be intentional
I've learned that children want to learn, no matter the subject. They thrive on curiosity and asking questions. Try explaining the mindblowing love that Jesus has for us, and support it with facts from the bible in a way that a child could easily mentally digest. 

Break the news about Santa
As a kid, I can't recall a time where I actually believed in Santa. I think by growing up in a faith based home, I just knew that Jesus was the reason for the season (lucky rhyme)! But for those kiddos who still firmly believe in Saint Nick, how about breaking the news gently with a soft explanation. Execution is everything.

Now that they know Santa is out and Jesus is in, what now? Get them involved!
There is nothing better than getting the family involved in a community activity – especially when it involves helping the needy. Check out your local food or gift bank for the less fortunate, volunteering is a great way to teach your child about helping others, taking initiative, and being kind the way Jesus intended his children to be.