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Family Day Out

Family Day Out

The goal of a family day can often be said to relax, and have fun. The hard truth which many parents face is that often times this is anything but the case. After a long day of attempting to please our children and family they can end in tears, hungry tummies, sunburn and flat tires. Well, flat tires may be a small exaggeration but they can definitely end up where we never imagined due to small details. For this reason, we want to go over a couple of pointers to try to avoid the common mishaps that can come so often on what should be our joyous occasions.


Location Location Location

The old Real Estate saying goes a long ways in starting out on the right foot for your family day. Whether you are staying home or away, all activities and preparation will come from the location you choose. Just because you are staying home, doesn’t mean that you don’t want to plan things out ahead of time to make it easier on your family day. Quite the opposite, many times we are tempted to laze about instead of doing the things we truly enjoy and creating memories with our loved ones, so it can many times be more challenging to do things at home.


Food is King.

No matter if you are going to Disneyland or just taking a scenic route, staving off hunger is your best bet to an even mood and smiles. Plan for food based on your worst, not best case scenarios. Planning to eat out? Doesn’t hurt to throw in a few snack packs of disposable, easily eaten items just in case there is a slight variation to your plans. Remember that drinks such as water bottles and juice items need to be covered from sunlight, but that doesn’t mean you need to pack an ice chest, a simple back up lunch box can suffice.


Details on a Macro and Micro scale.

You don’t need to have every single thing planned out to have a successful time, just points that you would like to hit and then let your creative intuition take over from there. Much like a good speech, if you hit the overall points fun can be inspired as you go. If you plan down to the 2 minute margin, you may be in for more stress than you would like. A great way to approach the problem of “how much is too much” is to make a list of the top priorities for your day, and separate them from the things you would “like” to do, but wouldn’t make you think your day was a failure to miss. After mapping out and mentally preparing, your sense of accomplishment as a parent and just for yourself will reflect based on the overall picture rather than a 100% grade scale.


Live for the moment not the photo.

We’ve all had those moments, where we spend more time trying to get a photo of a memorable event rather than actually having fun. Don’t let your time with your family be more about checking off a list, and more about forging new memories and experiencing the joy of the moment.

Our Kids will be out of school soon itching to get out and have fun. With summer right around the corner it’s the perfect time for planning and making memories! Have a great Family day out!