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4 Ways To Teach Children Impulse Control

4 Ways To Teach Children Impulse Control

Does your child have the self-discipline to control his or her impulses?

How many times have we been at a store and our child goes bonkers over having another sample of the apple juice the sweet old lady is handing out? And instead of explaining to our child why they cannot have another sample, we instead give in to their pint sized demand. I think we can all agree this is the easier way out, who wants to force innocent shoppers to another World War meltdown in isle 3? Not me. Food aside, impulses can show up anywhere and for many reasons. Let’s face it, we have little humans that need us to guide them through and teach them how to move through this crazy thing called life.

Teaching your child techniques on how to control their impulses doesn’t have to be hard, you can implement these simple recommendations on a weekly basis. If we can take the time to adjust our child’s thinking and impulses, we actually save ourselves a lot of time later down the road. Here are some tips on how to improve your child’s impulse control and alleviate future parental stress.

  1. Teach your child about their feelings: Often times, kids who don't understand their emotions are more likely to be impulsive. A child who can't say, "I'm angry" may hit to show she's upset. By teaching your child to recognize and verbalize his/her feelings, allows them to understand and cope with the current situation in a way that both child and parent can come to a solution.

  2. Teach them to repeat directions: How many times have we set our child aside before a task and clearly explained directions and once you let them loose all directions fly out the window? A great way to avoid this is to have your child repeat the directions back to you.

  3. Teach problem solving skills: There isn’t one way to solve a problem in adult life and this isn’t any different for children. Teach your child patience by explaining and walking them through situations that have more than one solution.

  4. Teach anger management skills: Low frustration skills can result in a child scream fest. There are ways to avoid this by having them practice certain strategies: taking a deep breath, thinking rather than yelling, etc.

Parenting isn’t easy or else everyone would do it. It’s definitely a journey but we’ll be with you every step the way.

The True Meaning of Christmas

The True Meaning of Christmas

American culture teaches us that Christmas is all about Santa, gifts, and stringing cranberries, but the true meaning is so much more meaningful and beautiful. 

Building a family with a solid faith base is so powerful and rewarding. Christmas is a season where we reflect on the birth of our King and you can do so by showing kindness and giving. Sounds easy enough, right? Try teaching these fundamentals to a fidgety 3-5 year old. 

When I was a kid I remember having a typical 'American' Christmas but the core was always centered around Jesus. We would often donate gifts, volunteer at food banks, or participate in our local church activities. Looking back, all of those things really helped me appreciate the season and the different meanings it holds. It wasn't all about the presents, cookies, or my own self centered wants. 

Here are a few ways that might be helpful...

Be animated
Who doesn't love story telling? Why not make the story of Jesus the best story they'll ever here? How cool is it that three wise men follow a huge start to find jesus! 

Be intentional
I've learned that children want to learn, no matter the subject. They thrive on curiosity and asking questions. Try explaining the mindblowing love that Jesus has for us, and support it with facts from the bible in a way that a child could easily mentally digest. 

Break the news about Santa
As a kid, I can't recall a time where I actually believed in Santa. I think by growing up in a faith based home, I just knew that Jesus was the reason for the season (lucky rhyme)! But for those kiddos who still firmly believe in Saint Nick, how about breaking the news gently with a soft explanation. Execution is everything.

Now that they know Santa is out and Jesus is in, what now? Get them involved!
There is nothing better than getting the family involved in a community activity – especially when it involves helping the needy. Check out your local food or gift bank for the less fortunate, volunteering is a great way to teach your child about helping others, taking initiative, and being kind the way Jesus intended his children to be. 


Discipline: Do's & Do not's

Discipline: Do's & Do not's

This post by Matt Tully has some pretty important points when it comes to disciplining your children. I know discipline is a very sensitive subject, and may even be looked down upon by many, however, it turns our sights toward how God intended it. Here are few few scriptures used in the post:

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." Proverbs 22:6 KJV

"Fathers, provoke not your children to anger, lest they be discouraged" Colossians 3:21 KJV

"So then every one of us shall give account of himself to God." Romans 14:12 KJV

I encourage parents & guardians to read this post: 8 Important Do's and Don'ts of Discipline, also when reading the scriptures, look them up with the different translations (if you are able) to get a fuller understanding of the Word. 


Thank you to Pastor for sharing this good read.

Garden Boxes

Garden Boxes

Do you like to repurpose or recycle items? A fun project you and your children will love to create together are mini garden boxes. The best part is these mini garden boxes are started from something you more than likely have at home already...a juice or milk carton! To begin you will need to gather a few items from around the house and or take a quick trip to the store.

-one or many juice/milk cartons

-a pair of scissors or blade to cut the carton

-potting soil

-seeds of choice. You can buy seeds or use seeds from that fruit or veggie    that you have ready to eat in your kitchen

If you’d like to add your own personal touch, you can use paint to cover up those juice labels. Children usually love to paint and create art. Your little ones will have so much fun with this! Especially when their little seeds really begin to grow. Another fun thing you can add to this project while watching your plant grow, is taking pictures with your child next to their little garden every week. You will not only get to see the seeds grow into plants, fruit or veggies, but see your little kiddos sprout as well. 

The website, I found this cool idea from, had awesome ideas for using other containers for planters as well. Very creative ideas, though in another language. Santé Nutrition