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3 Tips To Raising A Happy Confident Girl

3 Tips To Raising A Happy Confident Girl

Ladies, if you’re anything like me, you have the mind of an elephant and can remember everything about being a little girl.

Take a second and think back to a moment in your childhood, any moment, what stands out to you about how you felt? Now take those feelings and compare them to how you would feel now should those emotions or set of circumstances come back to you today, how would you handle it? You can argue that “Well, I’m an adult now, so yes, I, of course, would respond differently than the 5-year-old me would” and there is truth to that, we do learn and grow as time passes. But what if I said, a bit of your inner 5-year-old is still there in every answer, emotion or mood, and that you are a complete product of the primary adult role model you had in your life growing up.

We all have a different story. Some better or harder than others but we all have one thing in common today and that is being the best example we can be for our daughters. That's it. Nothing complicated.

Lucky for you, Mama Bear, this won't require a last-minute trip to Target to gather supplies, you have everything you need right inside of you because some of the best tools are invisible.

1. Know Your Impact

Do you ever say something and instantly think, "Wow, I'm turning into my mom"? That's no coincidence. From the second we were born our subconscious and self-worth were being formed. Our mothers had (and still do) a huge impact on who we are today.

Whether it's in a big situation or something as little as trying on a dress, always remember that two little eyes and ears are watching and listening, storing and learning by example. Let your impact be beautiful and empowering.

2. Praise The Imperfections

We don't live in a perfect world and although media and life, in general, push this culture of striving for perfection, we should always take time to appreciate the flaws.

Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong with setting high goals and reaching them but what happens when you inevitably don't reach a goal or you fall short somehow, how do you handle it? Life is a series of victories and stumbles, there is a beauty in the imperfections and hiccups of life. Instilling this type of mindset or approach into your daughters at a young age can help alleviate anxiety and build a happy and resilient spirit.

3. Social confidence

Teach them that their voice matters. The old saying "Kids are better left unheard" rings true when you're trying to enjoy dinner at a restaurant and the family next door sounds like a circus but what about when your daughter is faced with a challenge or a situation where not only her ability to "speak up" comes up but also the self-worth feelings I talked about above are thrown into the mix, she needs to know her feelings and words matter.

Happiness is learned at the home, with every hug, smile, or joke that is used to offset a negative situation, perspective is everything and you are the example.

4 Ways To Teach Children Impulse Control

4 Ways To Teach Children Impulse Control

Does your child have the self-discipline to control his or her impulses?

How many times have we been at a store and our child goes bonkers over having another sample of the apple juice the sweet old lady is handing out? And instead of explaining to our child why they cannot have another sample, we instead give in to their pint sized demand. I think we can all agree this is the easier way out, who wants to force innocent shoppers to another World War meltdown in isle 3? Not me. Food aside, impulses can show up anywhere and for many reasons. Let’s face it, we have little humans that need us to guide them through and teach them how to move through this crazy thing called life.

Teaching your child techniques on how to control their impulses doesn’t have to be hard, you can implement these simple recommendations on a weekly basis. If we can take the time to adjust our child’s thinking and impulses, we actually save ourselves a lot of time later down the road. Here are some tips on how to improve your child’s impulse control and alleviate future parental stress.

  1. Teach your child about their feelings: Often times, kids who don't understand their emotions are more likely to be impulsive. A child who can't say, "I'm angry" may hit to show she's upset. By teaching your child to recognize and verbalize his/her feelings, allows them to understand and cope with the current situation in a way that both child and parent can come to a solution.

  2. Teach them to repeat directions: How many times have we set our child aside before a task and clearly explained directions and once you let them loose all directions fly out the window? A great way to avoid this is to have your child repeat the directions back to you.

  3. Teach problem solving skills: There isn’t one way to solve a problem in adult life and this isn’t any different for children. Teach your child patience by explaining and walking them through situations that have more than one solution.

  4. Teach anger management skills: Low frustration skills can result in a child scream fest. There are ways to avoid this by having them practice certain strategies: taking a deep breath, thinking rather than yelling, etc.

Parenting isn’t easy or else everyone would do it. It’s definitely a journey but we’ll be with you every step the way.