Mornings can be hectic enough with the chaos of getting your children ready for school, all while finding time to take a few manic sips of your much needed coffee. 

The new school year is coming up fast and along with the other million responsibilities parents have to ensure that their child transitions smoothly into their new class,  we have found some timesaving and creative hacks to help make lunch prepping not only easier but will help reduce waste.

Hack 1
Make it visual – this is food presentation 101. Sometimes it's easier to dump a PB&J into a plastic bag and call it a day. But even though kids are kids, they are also humans, so the psychology behind visual representation works on them too. 

Try purchasing containers that allow for multiple things to be stored inside. This will visually represent a "full meal" to your child which will more than likely result in them eating a bit of everything. The pro is that it will save you money in plastic ziplocks/waste and it's also an opportunity to include your child to choose containers that appeal to them and their personality. 

Hack 2
Create a snack station, one in the fridge and one in the pantry. This allows your child to learn the art of decision making, how to maintain a balance in diet, and allows them to feel more more involved. 

Hack 3
Is your child going on a field trip that requires packing a lunch? Freeze their juice boxes and place it in their lunch box. By the time lunch rolls around, their food will have remained at a healthy temperature and the juice box will have thawed out by this time. 

Hack 4
Are you a parent on the go and have no time or extra cash for fancy containers, make a weeks worth of PB&J and freeze them. 

And there you have it folks! Some fun and easy ways to make lunches a tad bit easier.