Are you looking for a St Patty's Day project guaranteed to keep your kiddos busy for a while? Look no further, we have some great activities that are guaranteed to keep you and the little ones entertained. 

When I was a kid I remember loving St. Patricks Day and the inevitable friendly "pinch" from a classmate (even if you were wearing green, lol)! As we get older, we tend to think St. Patricks Day isn't necessarily a holiday circled around children, but I beg to differ. It's a great opportunity for quality time and to teach our children that the green holiday doesn't necessarily have to be an unhealthy way to spend a fun day. Unfortunately our culture tends to push a different lifestyle on us as we get older.

What may be surprising, kids can find the fun in almost anything, depending on your level of involvement and enthusiasm. Be your child's supporter and fun giver! Since we're lucky enough to have St. Patricks Day fall on a Saturday this year, this gives you more time to stew over how you're going to make this not an ordinary day. Be adventurous. Maybe a party with a few families could be an idea, this would allow the adults to hang out and the kids to play. The perfect recipe for a fun day. 

Scrap Rainbow
Who remembers loving the game "Color By Numbers"? We have a cheap and easy way to make a colorful rainbow that would make great memorable wall art. 

Cut out multiple colors of cardboard paper. Draw a rough rainbow on an 8.5x11 or 11x17 of white paper. Create a row of linear squares in each color arch. Number each square. Last step, would be to place the correct numbers on the back of each square. Break out the Elmers Glue and have fun!

Leprechaun Gold
The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow is one reason to get up and get moving. Leprechauns Gold is a great way to get the kids involved and active. 

First step would be to take everyone on a hunt for rocks. Once all of the rocks are collected, bring them back to your yard or garage (be sure to put large pieces of cardboard down). Align all of the rocks in a line and have the kids spray them with gold spray paint. Once this is done, go ahead and have lunch and let them dry. 

Last step is for you parents, take all of the rocks and hide them around your yard, park, etc. Once they are all hidden, watch and enjoy the look of success twinkling in your child's eyes :) 

Shamrock Pops
This is a tasty twist to St. Patty's and they're sure to make the kids yell "Thank you!" Shamrock pops are a quick and easy way to make an ordinary afternoon a little bit more special. 

Purchase a pack of toothpicks, a bag of plain editable marshmallows, and green sprinkles. Quickly submerge the marshmallows into water, roll them into the sprinkles, and enjoy! Simple and Sweet.