Whoever said kids grow up fast weren't kidding!

When children outgrow their clothes, the most common thing most people do is donate them to a charity or hand them off to family members. Helping others is an amazing thing, however, kids clothes is not cheap. Especially when you have to buy a new pair of pants or shoes 2 months after stocking their closet up with new clothes. Can I get an amen?!

Luckily, there a lot of avenues a parent can take to flip their child's outgrown clothing into clothing that fits. Whether they swap clothes or simply sell them for cash, the options are endless. 

A big hurdle parents run into is the quality of the clothing. We all know children can be quite hard on their clothes and shoes – chasing Godzilla, crawling around the playground, and trying to build the world's largest lego robot does not come without a price. Below are some tips that are sure to save you money and at the same time reduce waste. 

Local consignment shop
You can take your used clothes here and sell it on consignment, which normally means the shop will you a percentage of what the article of clothing sells for. 

We all know how powerful social media can be. This is one sure way of getting your child's outgrown clothing to the public. Facebook now has a "Sale" feature that is easy to use and it allows buyers to filter their search based on location and category. 

This site is a heaven sent and super easy to use! you simply request a cleanout kit, fill the container with your child's clothing, and send it back. ThredUp will offer you an amount for what you sent and the best part is...IT'S FREE. 

Group Garage Sale
Gather your fellow Mama-friends and schedule a joint garage sale. This will not only be a fun time together, it will attract a large crowd based on the variety of merchandise. The odds go up of making more cash!