The transition from running around in the sprinklers to running to the school bus can at times be a little challenging for kids.

Who remembers the night before the first day of school as a kid? The horror! This marked the end of a stress free summer with friends and ice cream. Now, the reality for the next 365 days are include books, bedtimes, and yes, the horrible "school routine."

For parents, this could come as a shock. Just as you're getting used to your Summer schedule, the school year rolls around and there you go organizing yet another school year.

Good news, parents and kids, it doesn't have to be all that bad. Here are some tips that are sure to ease the transition for the both of you. 

Restart Routines
Kids need time to adjust. A few weeks before school starts slowly begin to add in school year things: bedtimes mealtimes, etc.

Clothes Freedom
Clothes may or may not be important to all children but allowing them the freedom to choose some shirts and bottoms, will give them an extra boost of confidence because they were able to choose what they wanted to wear. 

Dust the Book Off
Start scheduling reading times, break out the flashcards, and get those little brains churning again. This will prep them for the new school year and lessen the shock. 

Game Plan
No matter how old you are, there is always some level of anxiety when a new school year is approaching. Try talking to your child about what they expect out of this year and what their fears are. This will help set an expectation and leave room for adjustments.

Take a Family Trip
Plan one last family trip. Not your ordinary theme park packed excursion, try going green and enjoying the world around you. Take a hike, picnic, learn about plants, or visit a farm.