The kids are home, the ice cream man is circling the block, and you're ready to pull your hair out, right? Never fear, you're not alone. 

Do you ever feel like the school year is a mini vacation that happens on a daily basis? I know I do. Which is why when Summer Break rolls around the anxiety picks up and I begin to think How in the world am I going to survive 24 solid hours of "Mom, look at me!" or "HE HIT ME!". Whether you're a stay at home parent or hit the office regularly, we could all use a break from Summer break.  

When I was a kid, Summer was the bee's knees. It meant no school and a flexible bedtime. What I didn't realize that this meant my mom was on double duty. On top of her normal work schedule, she also had to nail down child care, meals, and a complete workaround of her almost perfect schedule. My poor mom! I almost want to call her and apologize. 

All sad stuff aside, I have some great news for you, Summer break doesn't need to be that cloud raining on your sunny parade. I've spoken to a lot of parents and received some great tips on how they learned to survive while the kiddos were lurking around.

Ditch The Hot Oven
Who needs to be slaving over a oven when it's 100 degrees outside? NOT ME, that's who. This is an excellent time to utilize that grill. Try making some slight tweaks to your menu to better suit the warm weather. Fresh sandwiches and cold salads? I think yes!

Make Time For Yourself
Take that Yoga class or use those dusty running shoes that you bought last year. Anything! Just get up and get out, sans the kids. Alone time is vital for everyone. It'll boost your energy and get your day off to a good start.

Snack Station
SNACKS, SNACKS, AND MORE SNACKS. Pick a spot in the kitchen within child reach and have some tasty treats awaiting them. This will help you have one less thing to do or prepare. 

Ship Them Off To camp
The headline says it all. A lot of communities offer free day camps. This is a great way to allow you to stick to your somewhat regular schedule and tire your children out just in time for dinner ;)