Grab the mop and cardboard boxes, Spring will be smiling upon us soon. 

I remember being a kid right around this time of year. My mom would order a pizza and we would dedicate 1 solid Saturday to dusting out our winter wardrobes and giving our castle a nice scrub down. Although it was 'work' it never really felt that way. Spring cleaning in our house was a day to turn on some tunes, look back on winter clutter and enjoy each other's company.

"Many hands make light work" my she would say. So what was her secret to getting us excited to pitch in when it's time to spring-clean the house? Below are a few :) 

Think Teamwork
Working as a team involves kids in the cleaning process, helps them learn cleaning skills, and most important, models both the attitude and the job standard you're trying to teach.

Take your voice out of the process
Children have an innate ability to "tune out" parents, when the subject is chores. What parent wants to spend a Saturday nagging, threatening and hollering. Instead, post a list of the day's jobs on the refrigerator. This allows the kids the freedom to pick their task and feel in control. 

Turn up the beat!
Playing upbeat music or an exciting audiobook keeps spirits high--and dust cloths moving. For maximum motivation, let each helper choose his or her tunes throughout the day.

Reward hard work
Who doesn't like a light at the end of a hard working tunnel? Spring cleaning is nobody's idea of a good time, so plan for a reward for your workers. When the chores are done, schedule a family treat.