I remember being a kid on a hot summer day and taking a big gulp of cold water from our hose. 

Unfortunately, the days of having fresh clean water at our fingertips is slowly fading away. The world is moving fast, new pipelines, new construction, oil leaks – these are just a few of the problems our water supply faces on a daily basis.

We've always been told water from the sink is safe to drink but isn't necessarily the cleanest, and by cleanest I wasn't really sure what that meant. I did some digging and realized we have a lot of unwanted chemicals in our tap water. So many in fact, that I ran out, bought a Brita and never looked back! Before you run to the sink for that nice glass of h2o consider the facts below.  

The US government requires that fluoride be added to our water supply to improve dental conditions.  However, many studies have shown that fluoride does more harm than good.

Chlorine is used to kill the bacteria in water.  Just like fluoride, there are serious health impacts of injecting chlorine, such as: cancers and stomach conditions.

Heavy metals are very difficult for the body to remove. Ingestion can cause cancers and other various health issues.