Rain coat? Check. Rain boots? Check. A child who does't get bored easily while staying inside for than a few hours? Impossible!

Winter can be a fun time, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, but what happens on the days in between? You know, those long rainy or snowy days spent inside with nothing to do but watch tv or catch up on chores. For any child, 24 long hours spent cooped up inside can seem like a life sentence, it isn't pretty but we're to help.

Who remembers rainy day recess? I know I do! Instead of grassy fields or trying to beat my best friend in dodgeball, I would gladly trade that in for a classroom full arts and crafts, classroom games, and a variety of other activities. My first grade teacher at the time was very creative in the way she kept us kids entertained. She has a wonderful way of mixing education with a good time.

Being at home isn't much different than a classroom, and it actually offers a lot more options. The weather doesn't have to be a damper on plans or having a good day. It is what we make of it! Below are some fun activities to help you and your kiddos get through the winter smiling just in time for spring. 

Create Musical Instruments
Encourage your child to venture out and tap into their musical abilities. This teaches them to take a explore and take a risk despite the outcome.

Create Works of Art
Buy a few cheap canvases, washable paint, and have each child create a painting of their very own, and allow them to pick a spot around the house to hang it from. This teaches them that what they created is beautiful without judgment. 

Go Fish
The best card game of all time! Not only does it allow your kids to brush upon vocabulary, math, and colors, but it also has some tasty benefits. Winner gets a cookie! This teaches them that with hard work come rewards. 

Lego World
These little pieces of plastic have enamored children for over 30 years and I don't see it stopping any time soon. Yes they hurt when you step no one but seize the moment and allow your child to explore their planning and execution capabilities by creating their very own kingdom or object. This teaches them how to come to a decision and commit to it. 

Yummy Tummy
Time spent indoors opens the door for some time spent in the kitchen! Try allowing your child to pick one meal they would be in charge of. This will teach them how to start pairing foods, learning measurements, and hand eye coordination.