As Christians, our relationship with God will be the most important relationship we will ever have. 

Being a Christian parent isn't easy, our goal–our hope–for our children is that they learn how to develop and maintain that a relationship with God as well. But how do we help our children grow to become truly Christian young me and young woman? How can we point them in the right direction? Let us help you by sharing some wonderful tips that us parents have learned along the way. 

Talk about God
Talk about the wonderful things God has done. Put it in ways their little minds can digest. For example, God created the plants and food. Explain where Gods heart was when doing this. It'll start to shed light on the fact that Gods intension is always good and that he loves us unconditionally. 

Talk about Blessings
Talk about the things that God has given to you. Each family lives in different circumstances and enjoys a different variety of blessings. Explain to your children the many blessings God has given them and you, and your specific family blessings. Mention some of these blessings when giving thanks before meals. Start small. 

Talk to God
Prayer doesn't always have to be before bed or before meals. You can bring prayer anywhere, and it's important to teach our kiddos that wonderful fact. Start by picking a safe comfortable spot for you and yours and start a prayer session together. Keep it simple and short. 

We truly hope that some of these tips help pave the way for your child's spiritual walk with God. It's the best gift a parent can pass down to their child. It's a gift that will follow and nurture their lives for years to come.