I spy with my little eye...somethiiiiiing...GREEN!

Raise your hand parents, if you've had the pleasure of playing this and many other car games during a long family road trip. Now that the holidays are right around the corner, that marks the beginning of packing up the kids and taking a trip to visit relatives and distant friends. It's a joyous time of course, but if not well prepared, it can make the experience feel like a traveling zoo and you the zoo keeper.

A while back I was traveling with a good friend of mine who is a proud mama of  three wonderful kids. We made a pit stop on our journey, right around the time that the kids started to complain that they were bored/thirsty. You know, normal kid stuff ;) I figured she would run into the mini mart and buy a variety of snacks, but instead she calmly walked to her trunk and pulled out a large cooler full of delicious treats. The kids were delighted. Just when I thought she won the best parent award, she hands each child a book tailored to each of their likings. 

Needless to say, the next 100 miles on the road were zen. She not only saved money by packing snacks, but instead of packing an electronic device to entertain the kids, she instead chose books. We had the most entertaining discussions along with the way, like where did dinosaurs come from? And how do trains carry such heavy stuff?

Traveling with children can be hectic but if well prepared, it can be a memorable moment in time. Make it easier on yourself this time around. Pack snacks, books, fun kid friendly music, card games, etc. Make it an adventure!