In a perfect world all kids are nice and bullying doesn't exist. Unfortunately, the world isn't perfect and sometimes our children are faced with harsh words, stares, or taunting.  

Now that a new school year is rolling around, the safety net that our children felt in the previous year may not be the same. Either friends moved way, new teachers, possibly a new school, whatever it is, it's always wise to explain how to face bullying if it hits their classroom. 

Bullying is probably one of the first real life hurdles children are faced with today. Although schools are doing more to help students, your role as a parent is crucial, and it's never too early to start having a conversation about bullying. 

Learning how to face bullies and to properly channel emotions that they may be feeling toward their aggressor will only prepare them for the real life hurdles that will arise when they are older. Below are some tips how to teach your child how to tackle bullying in ways that are safe and constructive.

Teach kids to always respect others

A strong sense of self-respect, combined with a basic respect for others, can help your child avoid and prevent bullying. Start by being a positive role model, actions speak louder than words, and your child's observations of what you do can sometimes be more important than what you say. 

Role Play

Prepping your child with possible responses can help alleviate anxiety should the occasion arise. The responses should be simple and direct, and not argumentative. Also try acting out "what if..." scenarios, it's a great way to build confidence and empower your child to deal with challenges. 

Take Action

Help your child learn to take action when they feel hurt or see another child becoming a victim of bullying. This will teach them that taking action can actually prevent deep hurt and how one person can truly make a difference.