As summer begins to close it's lovely doors, another window is opening, time for the kiddos to get back to school and get their think tanks going again!

This is an exciting time for both child and parent. It can also be stressful, scary, and overwhelming for both parties. Of course the worries are different. Parents worry about schedule changes and meal preps, while children worry about fitting in with a new classmates and taking on new challenges. 

I remember being a kid and feeling quite anxious when I knew the first day of school was rolling in, especially on my first day of kindergarten (Yes, I remember). My sister likes to compare my memory to that of an elephant, I forget nothing! I remember what I wore because my mom had prepped my outfit for me, it consisted of the following: a pair of fresh Keds, a jean skirt, a purple shirt, a fresh haircut that resembled Dora the Explorer, and a sweet headband that I begged her to buy for me. She also took the time to prep my lunch with all my favorites, Caprisun, turkey sandwich, and a bag of Doritos. I remember feeling scared of course but totally ok, I like to think that all of the prepping my mom had done for me beforehand totally helped in reducing stress levels on my big day. 

I'm not a parent yet (cats don't count) but I like to think about all of the milestones my babies will one day face and what I could possibly do to not only help them but myself as well, as we both transition into new horizons together. Below are some helpful tips on how to make big days and new challenges less stressful and more exciting.

Prep meals

It's amazing how much thinking goes into meals. Making (5) sandwiches, cutting enough vegetables for the week, and having them all packed and ready to go can save so much time in the morning. Leaving more time to relax and help out in other areas. 

Nurture Independence 

As natural as it is to want to help our children in anyway possible, allowing them to take on small responsibilities can help boost confidence. Try giving them tasks such as placing their lunch in their lunchbox, or picking out their outfit for the day. 


It's no secret, schedules help SO much, we all know this. But do we all take the time to do this? No. Just think of it this way, it doesn't have to be anything fancy. A simple pen and paper will do. List Monday through Friday down and start planning. You'll thank yourself later!

Sleep patterns

We all know how it is on the first day of school, waking up early can be brutal. To avoid shock and wasted time on the first day, try slowly transitioning your child the week prior to the new schedule. Start with 30 minute increments. 

Reach out

Normally there is some type of orientation reaching the beginning of a new school year. Take this opportunity to meet parents. This can help both you and your child establish new friendships and feel a little more comfortable.


If you take nothing away from this blog, PLEASE TAKE THIS. Stress is a domino effect. Once you stress, your child stresses. Reduce pressure by adopting a take it as it comes attitude. Mistakes will happen. Plan accordingly but welcome hiccups.