Let's face it, we know you're an awesome parent, but wouldn't it be great to learn new tips and tricks on how to improve your awesomeness?

Parenting can be such a wonderful and rewarding experience, but at times it can also be difficult and overwhelming. In fact, parenthood is the hardest job you'll ever have, and like any new job, it takes practice to get good at it. 

As a child who grew up in a single parent home, the stress levels were extra high for my mother. Something as little as a light bulb going out (at the wrong time) could send her into over drive. But one thing I noticed about my mother was that she practiced ways to help her succeed in her day to day life.

I think it would be safe to say that we are all guilty of allowing everyday stresses get the best of us – And that's OK, we're only human. 

There are so many ways to help you continue being that awesome parent/individual that you are! Below are some tips to help you do that.

Nurture your relationship with God

We aren't perfect. We stumble, we succeed, we sometimes ask "why?". As humans, we don't have the answers to everything, no matter how much we wished we did. As much as we want to see our children succeed, God wants the same for you because you are his child too.

Whether it's reading some bible verses before breakfast or taking time out for daily prayer. We can't do it alone – Why not let God help with the heavy lifting? 

Let go of perfection

Admit it, you want to be that perfect parent (we all do). Unfortunately, perfection doesn't exist on this earth. Do yourself a favor and mellow out. We all make mistakes, especially when you have the responsibility of raising another human being. But trust me, they love you either way. 

Stay in touch with your 'old self'

Being a parent is a full time responsibility. You have to be 'on' all the time. Which makes you a great parent BUT makes you a lousy friend to yourself. Ignoring your interests and not putting time aside to do the activities you once loved, can in return come back and bite ya. Be sure to make time for the things that you enjoy – You (and your family) can only benefit from this! 

Schedule dates with your partner

As much as your children are a priority, your relationship with your partner is too. It's important to not forget that you have another relationship to maintain. You can do things such as going on a hike together, watching a movie, taking a cooking class, or something as simple as going on a walk after dinner. Dates don't have to be extravagant or an all day thing. Spending some quality alone time to catch up and just be yourselves together, can make all the difference.


My mom was an avid walker. Every single day she would go on these long power walks, she used to call it her "me time". Exercise is proven to improve physical and mental health. Take that yoga class you've been wanting to join or organize a walking group with some pals. Exercise + social interaction= Happy!

Take a deep breathe and find the humor

Ok, so you burned the meatloaf again, or 'little timmy' spilled paint on your new rug – Take a step back and just breath. Most of the time our immediate response to anything negative is to react with a negative. 

I've actually started practicing this myself. The other night I collided with my husband in the kitchen and both plates of spaghetti fell on the floor. Immediate reaction: Anger (because I'll have to clean it up + we wasted food). However, I chose to laugh instead. It instantly lightened the mood and we both bonded over spilt spaghetti. 

How you view the situation and choose to react can make all of the difference.