I think we can all agree that instilling values in our children early on is vital . With so many things influencing our children on a daily basis, its our job to make sure they have the basic life skills, values, and faith base to lead a balanced and happy life as an adult.


Faith is the foundation to a peaceful life. Showing your children that there is a higher power above being human is a humbling thing. Having your children know that there is one God who loves them and wants the best for them is probably the best thing you can ever show your children. 

Growing up and becoming an adult isn't easy, challenges arise that shake your life up, but knowing that there is a God that can handle all things is powerful and comforting. 


Always say 'I Love you'. Believe it or not you are your child's first love. What you verbally say and how you physically show affection is building the foundation for their little hearts. From the time of birth to about 5 years old, a child is building their self worth. 

Let your child see you demonstrate your love and affection for the people in your life. Kiss and hug your spouse when the kids are around. Talk to your children about how much you love and appreciate their grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

The more hugs and kisses you give, the more your home will be filled with love and affection. And when our children feel free to express their love to us, we instill in them perhaps the greatest value of all.


Life is full of challenges. Having determination is one of the key factors to succeeding in life. A powerful way to help kids develop determination is to encourage them to do things that don't come easily-and to praise them for their initiative.

The next time your child comes to you with a new trick, drawing, etc. challenge them to improve and tell them "way-to-go" each and every try. Receiving recognition is something that even children can understand early on. 


The best way to encourage truthfulness in your child is to be a truthful person yourself. A way to promote the value of honesty: Don't overreact if your child lies to you. Instead, help him/her find a way to tell the truth. 

Teaching your child the importance of honesty early on will set a foundation of truth in their life.