This strong title definitely caught my attention when I was searching for a devotional in the YouVersion app. It is a twelve day devotional for parents/guardians. Today is only day one for me, so I do not have too much to elaborate on. Each day Dr. Tim Elmore covers one mistake up to twelve, and today's mistake we can avoid as parents is not allowing our children to fail. That's a biggie because who wants their child to fail? We are usually striving only for the best for our little minions. This devotional has little video along with some Bible verses that coincide with the content. 

Beginning today, YouVersion has a 21 day Challenge. If you'd like to join me with this challenge, download the app (if you haven't already) and let me know which devotionals you chose for these next 21 days. I look forward to learning about these 12 HUGE Mistakes Parents Can Avoid, with you if you choose this devotional with me. You can even join this plan by clicking the hyperlink with the title and you will be directed to 

Happy Monday & God bless!