The end of the year is always joyous – clean slate, fresh beginning – who wouldn't be excited?

Most often, New Years Resolutions seem to be something that someone takes on to help themselves move forward in a positive direction – But what about a Family New Years Resolution?! 

This would be a great opportunity to bond and work toward a common goal, whether it's praying together before bed, or signing up as a family to volunteer once a month around your community.

We are our children's first peek into what a healthy and kind adult should be. This is a wonderful way to do some good and it'll also instill accountability and commitment, not only in the kiddos but in us as well. Parents are always growing and learning too! 

Below are some great Family Resolutions that will warm the heart and sooth the soul. 

  1. Pray together before bed
  2. Volunteer around your community
  3. Healthier eating habits
  4. Engage in a outdoor physical activity
  5. Try something new
  6. Read the bible more