I love researching different ways to improve as a parent. There are so many people out there with great tips and tricks to help, especially with parenting. I realize that I cannot take what everyone says and apply it to my life, however I can use what I believe will work for me and my family, and you can as well! 

I really enjoyed reading this blog post from Amanda, from dirtandboogers.com, called "Stop Yelling Toolbox". She created a slide show, or 'toolbox' with tips for parents to look at to help when we get angry with our children. (This could work with any relationship though) This first tip mentioned and that stuck with me is "Pretend You're On Camera". Wow! Really thinking about it, and then picturing myself angry on a video for the world to see can be scary. Would you want the world to see that? This thought in it self made me really examine how I am reacting to people or things that bother me, annoy me, even make me angry. I usually react, then think, "Maybe that was unnecessary." I take a step back and really see the whole picture, and make changes and improvements where it is needed. I also think, "Do I want my babies acting like this?" and if I wouldn't except it from them, why would I except it for myself?

Of course there are many more tools in this toolbox, but this is just the biggest one the stuck out for me. Would this toolbox be helpful in your life? What are some things you do already?