It has been said that reading is important, especially in the first three years of a child's life. I was reading a quick, little article about the importance of reading with children and learned some interesting things. The statistics of how much children read (or are being read to) are surprisingly low. We have the opportunity to grow our children's literacy just by talking with them, singing a song to them (no matter how good or not so good you think you sound...hehe) & reading to them. We don't have to read long extravagant novels that could barely hold our attention, just simple little books that have a few sentence or so with some pictures. We can sing their favorite songs or ours, and just talk to them about the day.

The children love it! Eventually they'll even want to read to you, if they don't already. If you and your child/children do this already...AWESOME! You are "growing a reader". If not, you have the opportunity to begin now. Tater Tots Preschool is even having a Scholastic Book Sale currently. What a wonderful shot to take at growing and developing with your child/children. 

Did you get a chance to read the quick, little article? What do you think?

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