Back to school tax break!

Sounds great right!? Have you been hearing about this all over social media and the radio like I have? I was so disappointed when I found out that this is a No-Go for us! My first thought was, "aww man..this stinks" but then again there are some super awesome deals out there still. Even if we don't get a tax break, we can catch sales all over and not pay full retail! 

For example, H&M is offering 20% off your online or in-store purchase through 8/9 (You can get more info at their web page ( JC Penny, Target, Walmart, Staples, Old Navy and the Disney Store all have pretty awesome sales this week also. We went to Walmart just the other day and bought a few notebooks for only 17¢! Honestly, my top two stores are Target and Walmart. These store are like one stop shops with super good deals everywhere! supplies...groceries and more! At Target, along with sales everywhere, they have a bunch of clearance! What's cool is you can grab some brand new clearance shoes with an additional 20% off using Target's Cartwheel app. I 'heart' Target (hehe)!

We hope your are able to get out this week/weekend and get what you and your children need for school before all the good stuff is gone. More importantly before school begins.

Have a happy weekend & enjoy shopping!