Who loves play dough? Most people, right? The children love to play with it and us parents...well...we like playing too, but dread the cleaning up part. Let's forget about the cleaning part for now and talk about learning with play dough. An awesome lady, Kim, has created a fun way of learn with play dough and cute mats. There are a few mat designs of the different seasons, but I am really drawn to the tree mat. She's created counting mats up to the number 10. You and your child can create the shape of each number together, as well as, make that many fruits (out of dough) to go on to the trees. Another awesome thing about this project is that these mats are available to download for free! Isn't that awesome!! Thank you, Kim! 

If you're super crafty, or not, you can even make your own dough. There are several recipes out there, but one I've used was here, and you don't even have to cook it. I didn't use the glycerin also.

Hope you enjoy learning and playing! 

(In case you missed where the links were to Kim's website: click "play dough and cute mats" and the recipe for the no cook play dough is linked under the word "here")