Do you like to repurpose or recycle items? A fun project you and your children will love to create together are mini garden boxes. The best part is these mini garden boxes are started from something you more than likely have at home already...a juice or milk carton! To begin you will need to gather a few items from around the house and or take a quick trip to the store.

-one or many juice/milk cartons

-a pair of scissors or blade to cut the carton

-potting soil

-seeds of choice. You can buy seeds or use seeds from that fruit or veggie    that you have ready to eat in your kitchen

If you’d like to add your own personal touch, you can use paint to cover up those juice labels. Children usually love to paint and create art. Your little ones will have so much fun with this! Especially when their little seeds really begin to grow. Another fun thing you can add to this project while watching your plant grow, is taking pictures with your child next to their little garden every week. You will not only get to see the seeds grow into plants, fruit or veggies, but see your little kiddos sprout as well. 

The website, I found this cool idea from, had awesome ideas for using other containers for planters as well. Very creative ideas, though in another language. Santé Nutrition