Do you enjoy cooking? Does your child or children enjoy cooking as well? Have you heard of Kidstir? I was introduced to Kidstir by my cousin. She, along with her three children, absolutely loves it. Custom Kidstir kits are mailed to your house for you and your children to enjoy. The CEO states on the website, "We are moms who want to raise children who have a healthy and happy connection to food. We believe good food can be fun for kids-" You receive easy recipes, kid-size cooking equipment, and more. Kidstir have subscription options or on time purchase options. If you do not have children, these kits would be great gifts also! (Especially with Christmas right around the corner)

I am not getting endorsed to promote Kidstir, I just love this idea! I remember cooking in the kitchen with my mom as a child, and I really enjoy cooking with my eldest daughter. She has fun with it too. I like how easy Kidstir makes it. Everything is planned out and ready to go! I could write  more about Kidstir but you can go to their website for more detailed information: